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Costa Calida –Your Ideal Holiday Home or Business Abroad

Costa Calida is a breathtaking coastal stretch in Murcia, a beautiful region of Southern Spain.

 The entire area stretches for almost 250 km of Mediterranean coastline Whether you are looking for a holiday home to escape the British weather or a villa investment to start your own real estate business abroad, now is the time to invest in Costa Calida Murcia.

This part of Spain is known for its beautiful coastline and great weather. Living here will give you a taste of real Spain, with small bars serving some of the best traditional Spanish foods and of course, the ‘fiestas’- the street celebrations that are ever so common in Spain. 

The area has many natural attractions, including the famous warm water lagoon Mar Menor and the Playa Castillico (Castillico Beach), among many other beautiful clean and lively beaches. If you make this beautiful region of Murcia your holiday home, there will never be shortage of sunny weather and fun things to do, weather you love golfing, relaxing on the beach or enjoying lively street parties.

Costa Calida Murcia Properties and Casa Comforts Services

Casa Comforts are committed to helping you find the best properties for sale and provide you with outstanding property management services, so that you won’t have to worry about your business or holiday home when you are back in Britain. 

They have recently added Costa Calida Murcia to their portfolio of holiday homes and rental properties for sale. They offer new build villas and apartments on golf courses. If you dream of retiring in a Spanish home and have a golf course as your back garden, there is no better choice to make than a villa or apartment investment in Costa Calida.

Casa Comforts offers a number of villas and apartments for sale in Costa Calida, at incredible discounts of up to 40-50% off the original price. Since the Spanish property market is slowly recovering from recession, this is the time to invest in your ideal Spanish holiday home. Whether you want to retire to Spain or buy a home to rent out, Costa Comforts can help you make a profitable investment.



What It Would Be Like To Own A Holiday Home in Costa Calida

Living in Murcia makes the dream of living on a beach a reality, at an affordable price. The Costa Calida Murcia property values range between €80 000 and €350 000, depending on the type of property and the size. You have a great selection of new build villas and apartments, situated on golf courses, from one-bedroom apartments to large villas.

Currently, Los Alcazares, Santiago De La Ribera and Costa Calida are the upcoming property markets in the region.  With growing tourism and a great appeal to British expats, now is the time to invest and get the best prices.

It’s not just the property market what makes Murcia a good choice for investment, it is the people as well. The locals are very open to the changes happening around them and are very happy to accommodate foreigners. Over the years, a number of British nationals have settled in the area and are proud to call Murcia their home. In 2014, 13.2% of foreigners invested in Spanish properties,  and 18% of that number were British nationals.

The cost of living of the region is very reasonable as well, whether you choose to cook at home or eat out. You can have a ‘Menu’, the standard 3 course meal served in Spanish bars, for less than €10 and buy basics for the home such as milk and bread for less than €1.

Your villa or apartment investment will bring you more than a profit, but also a chance to change your lifestyle. Murcia offers a plethora of evens all-year-around, from golf tournaments to street carnivals. You will experience more food markets and street ‘fiestas’ than ever, and the sunny weather and lively beaches offer you multiple ways to relax and have fun. You can always make a profit on the property when you are away, as the place is a tourist attraction and there is never shortage of people looking to rent out temporary holiday homes.


Whether you are looking for a holiday home or a great rental property, now is the time to consider a villa or apartment investment in Costa Calida. If you want to find more information contact Costa Comforts here